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Meet Iain Kemp B.Kin, MPT

“Everyone has a human right to perform basic maintenance on themselves” – Kelly Starrett
“Strength isn’t built, it’s granted to you by your nervous system” – Paul McIlroy
“The body is all about survival and protection. All systems kick into play to accomplish this task.” – Perry Nickelston
“Victims scream and criminals remain silent” – Adam Wolf
“When you have more than you need, build a longer table, not a higher wall” – Shanté Cofield
“Where you think it is, it ain’t” – Ida Rolf

The words of wisdom above, exemplify my approach to helping people move and feel better.

It is my job as a physiotherapist to help you understand yourself, to empower you, to help create an environment conducive to healing, and to teach you how to help yourself, all in an effort to make you a bad-ass who doesn’t need me anymore.


I believe in a brain-based systems approach, one that takes into account the nervous system and human experience, not just the area that hurts, and ask the question why. Things happen for a reason, and until we find that reason, true freedom can’t exist. Often times, that mystery lies in your history.

At the end of the day, what I want my patients to know is this:

  • I am always striving to continue to educate myself, often in interesting, novel ways. Be that from courses, books, people around me, fellow practitioners, my patients, my dog, my wife and son, whatever. The more I know, the better I can help, but the second I think I know it all, I really know nothing. #SharingIsCaring
  • I want you to think of me as more of a coach than a therapist. I don’t fix you, you fix you. I just help guide you along the way, and I want you to continue doing all the things you love.

Iain is currently part of the Educational Team for RockTape Canada, where he travels all over the country helping other aspiring therapists and movement practitioners of all abilities and experience levels up their game so they can be their best for their clients.