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Meet the CHIROCARE Health Centre Team

River Heights Winnipeg Chiropractic Team

Dr. Sean Shapiro, Winnipeg Chiropractor

Thanks for taking a moment to learn more about CHIROCARE Health Centre! I would like to start by explaining how I found out about chiropractic in the first place; I guess you could say it was somewhat of an “accident.” As a 15-year-old I was involved in a three-car pile up and was badly injured. I was referred for therapy for a full year, during which time my health unfortunately declined. read more»

Dr. Glenn Bailey, Winnipeg Chiropractor

Dr. Glenn Bailey lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba and is the only certified animal chiropractor in the province. His champion Black Lab “Shale” ranked 6th in Canada in 2001 and Dr Bailey has been very involved in the Canadian dog show circuit. read more»

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